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James Durbin Official Web Site
James Durbin Official Merchandise
James Durbin Official Facebook
James Durbin Official Twitter
James Durbin Official Instagram
James Durbin Official YouTube
  "Durbinators 2.0" Facebook Group - Home of the True Durbinators
  Santa Cruz-based Durbinators Facebook Group
  James Durbin Street Team
  "Outcast Army" Facebook Group
American Idol
"Different is the New Normal" - a short film presentation in which James appears
Be A Star Alliance
To Become a Teacher - Preventing Bullying & Cyberbullying
Identifying Bullies for Teachers (and Kids!) - by Amy Leeson
  Hennemusic on James Durbin
  DurbNet - Technical musical evaluations - very interesting reading
  Zoccoli's Deli, Santa Cruz - Home of the Durbinator sandwich
Wiki on Asperger Syndrome
Wiki on Tourette's Syndrome
National Tourette's Syndrome Association

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