james' tattoos

We LOVE tattoos at OutcastArmyFans and we have a dedicated Durb-Tat-Detective on staff!!! James has a growing collection of beautiful ink, and as with most tats, they have significant meanings for him. Sorted newest to oldest:

From the lips of The Durb himself: "Pixelated Ash & Pikachu from Pokémon: Yellow. Tribute to my childhood." Location is ankle, but don't know yet if it's the right or left.

The "mysterious" Santa Cruz leg tattoo. Rarely seen in the wild, Casey Abrahams gave us a glimpse of this apparently classic style ink which James did say was "Santa Cruz" - but that's all we know at this point. The Durb-Tat Detective is still hunting for a better image of this! :)

James' latest inkwork is by Andy Beswick of GoodLuck Tattoo in Santa Cruz. Of this classic Popeye image, James said: "Thank you to the amazing Andy Beswick for giving me such a sacred tattoo. The only one I ever wanted."

We think this is particularly appropriate ink for James. :)

And although we don't know when, James said he had given HIMSELF this little cross on his left wrist (as well as a small heart on one of his fingers, but it "fell out" - you can just barely see the remnants of a heart on his left forefinger second joint).

James snuck one in on us - a very cool heart design with a "Celebrate" banner across it on his lower left arm. We caught this one in a video of an AMA radio interview. :)

This is James' own design - his Love Me Bad sugar skull. He said he'd been waiting a long time to get this done! Looks like a very tender, sensitive area too - the inner left arm (you can barely see the edge of Spidey). It sure is SICK! Outcast Army LOVES this one!!!

Just below his sailing ship towards the right wrist, James added this winged bomb with a skull. We wonder if its true meaning is "firecracker" which is one of Heidi's nicknames. ;-)


Spiderman lives!!! On James' left elbow! (That HAD to hurt!)




James' most recent inkwork has come from a new studio in Santa Cruz, Good Luck Tattoo and was done by artist Woodrow Robinson. Itls a classic square-rigged sailing ship in a beautiful frame. Awesome job, Woodrow!


In early December 2012 James got "Lady Guadalucha" - a madonna with a wrestling mask. Artist: Bob at True Art Santa Cruz

James shared his new "TCB" (Taking Care of Business) ink on 12/8/12, surrounded by stars (which incidentally match Heidi's recent addition to her sleeve, or Heidi's match James' lol) with a dramatic lightning bolt pointing down to Hunter's A-Ba-Dee ("I love you") design. While James hasn't said this himself, I suspect he's indicating that everything he does, he does for the love of his family.


On June 4th, 2012 James got a beautiful new tat at the grand opening of Inkaholiks in Atlanta, GA. "For the Love of Music" is a stunning vintage style microphone with red roses (and thorns).


James recently got a stream of four progressively smaller stars rising from his last blue star. We haven't had the opportunity to ask him about the meaning - so stay tuned!

At some point, James had a moustache inked on his left index finger - I've lost track of when that was! He was asked if it was real and he said "yes! and it hurt like hell!"

James and the band kicked off their tour at the historic Viper Room in Hollywood, CA on April 12, 2012 following a stellar performance on that night's American Idol Elimination show. Between gigs, James and Heidi visited the Shamrock Social Club on Sunset Blvd to get themselves matching tats - this time a blue star which James wears on his right outer forearm above the A-Ba-Dee on the back of his hand. It commemorates an amazing evening for James and his music, as the album went from not even on the charts to number 5 on the iTunes and Amazon rock charts - a 500 percent increase!

James' next tattoo was incredibly creative as well. Heidi donned a heavy coat of lipstick, kissed a piece of paper, and her lips were tattooed on James' neck along with the words, "Love Of My Life" I love the way James always has Heidi's kiss with him!

James' Koi fish tattoo was done by tattoo artist extraordinaire, Ami James of NY Ink and was even televised. James identifies with the Koi because the legend says that millions of the fish swim upstream long distances and up waterfalls, but only one will reach its destination and become a dragon. The Koi represents determination, dedication and resolve as well as a strong spirit. Ami asks James where he sees his career and his life going in the coming years, to which James epically replies, "Up The Waterfall." The Durbinators unanimously agreed that "Up The Waterfall" would be a perfect name for his next album.

James has a black & white heart design on his left upper biceps with "Heidi" written in a banner, gracefully wrapping the heart - this was done after the Vegas round of American Idol at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, celebrating his making it through successfully. It was free because it was filmed, but was never used on camera. James plans to add to this design.

His right forearm, partially visible here, has a large and dramatically calligraphied "Hunter". You can see a bit more of "Hunter" in this image below:

James and Heidi often have matching or complimentary tattoos. They have commemorated the Journey lyrics "Forever Yours" and "Faithfully" on their forearms - James wears the "Forever Yours" on his left inner forearm.

James' first tattoo was a red star on his left lower forearm - something simple for him to try to see if he liked it. He did, and added around it a compass-style North Star, meaning something for him to look up to, to believe in, sort of a lucky star.

On the back of his right hand is an intricate scrollwork patterned horseshoe, very colorful, with the words "A Ba Dee" on a banner across it. "A Ba Dee" is how their son, Hunter, said "I love you" when he first learned the words.

On the back of his left hand, are two hearts (his and Heidi's) pierced by a wooden arrow which points to his (wedding) ring finger.